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The Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is the only Canadian professional organization dedicated to improving cosmetic surgery outcomes through research, education, and the maintenance of high surgical standards in clinical practice. CSAPS has a membership of over 160 surgeons, all fully trained and certified specialists in plastic surgery who have demonstrated their commitment to excellence in the aesthetic and cosmetic areas of our specialty.

Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons
The CSPS society is over 50 years old and prides itself on the attributes of its founders. The CSPS is informal and friendly. A desire to learn and teach the latest techniques from across Canada and abroad. We strive to know our colleagues personally, enjoy ourselves and look forward to meeting each other socially at our meetings.

Contact the experts at St. Clair Cosmetic Dentists in Toronto for whitenings and dental implants in Toronto.

Beverly Hills plastic surgery - from a renowned surgeon, yoga mat accessories from Yogamatic. Good exercise can protect you from h1n1.

For over 25 years The Cleaning Company has been committed to building a reliable, leading-edge commercial cleaning company with a spotless industry track record. Our success across Ontario and Quebec means we are fully capable of serving larger multi-location clients.

Radial Shockwave Therapy has been known to be an effective Treatment for several soft-tissue injuries; including tennis elbow and jumpers knee. Set your clinic apart by offering cutting edge treatment with a new Shockwave Therapy Machine!


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